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JSL European Machinery

Double Glazing Machinery: Sales, Servicing and Maintenance

Formed in 1987, JSL European Machinery provide servicing and maintenance on market leading double glazing machinery.

We operate throughout the U.K. and Ireland we specialise in DG lines and two part hand sealing machines and sub contract to the British agent for Reinhardt Technik.

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JSL European Machinery have been the sole agent for Bestmakina since 2015.

Bestmakina, combines the power of Turkish engineering with high technology equipment and highly skilled engineers. They use high quality materials in every aspect of production, producing long life and high performance machines.

Please click here to see the full Bestmakina catalogue

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Glass Machines

All the machines are covered by a two year warranty. Bestmakina also have an excellent backup team, including free online help and JSL European Machinery also provide full backup carrying a large range of spare parts.

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Double Glazing Machinery

Sales, Servicing and Maintenance. No obligation quotes within 24 hours. All the machines are covered by a two year warranty. Bestmakina also have an excellent backup team, including free online help and JSL European Machinery provide full backup, carrying a large range of spare parts. Bespoke lines can be arranged to fit your factory.

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Introducing the Glass Inspector

We also supply the innovative Glass inspector from our Spanish partners.

See the faults so that your customers never do. 

Please contact Jolyon Lee for further details and click here to view their full product catalogue.

The Glass Inspector® Vertical has been developed and manufactured entirely in Spain by Spanish technicians. Due to its ease of installation, it can be installed in any new or existing Insulating Glass Production Line.  

For the installation and assembly of the Glass Inspector® it is not necessary to move the line. All the Glass Inspector needs is a 30 mm gap between the washer outlet and the assembly.

The Glass Inspector also manufactures a horizontal 3D scanner which was developed for the output rack of a toughening plant. This will give you an accurate picture and description of the quality, stresses, and the flatness of the glass.

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20 Springbank Road, Gildersome, Leeds LS27 7DJ



Tel: 07973 916577

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