JSL European Machinery

Double Glazing Machinery: Sales, Servicing and Maintenance

Formed in 1987, JSL European Machinery provide servicing and maintenance on market leading double glazing machinery.

We operate throughout the U.K. and Ireland we specialise in DG lines and two part hand sealing machines and sub contract to the British agent for Reinhardt Technik.


An introduction to Best Makina


Glass Machines

All the machines are covered by a two year warranty. Best Makina also have an excellent backup team, including free online help and JSL European Machinery also provide full backup carrying a large range of spare parts.

7000 Prima Logic - Butyl Extruder

BADF 2500 - Automatic Desiccant Filler

BWPG - Double Glazing Line with Gas Press

BASB 2500 - Frame Bending Machine


Our Clients

Morley Glass in Leeds, West Yorkshire, have purchased a full line with robot gun and auxiliary equipment and have been in full production for more than 2  years 

Morley Glass

Since purchasing a full DG line sales have increased to such a degree that they have ordered a second line to keep up with demand which has been in production for over 12 months.

Morley Glass

Nicholls & Clarke purchased a robot gun from the Dusseldorf show in Oct 2018.

Nicholls & Clarke

They were so pleased with it they have ordered a full line with a second robot gun to be installed by April 2019

Nicholls & Clarke

CS Glaziers have had a two meter high line for over 2 years.

CS Glaziers

They are going to add a robot gun in 2019 to complete the line.

CS Glaziers

Super Tuff visited the factory in turkey and were so impressed have ordered two glass arrising lines to be installed august 2019

Super Tuff

Peterlee glass purchased a three meter high washer with 3 x 6 meter racks in 2017 capable of washing 6 x 3 meter glass.

They are thinking about purchasing a full D.G. line in the near future.

Peterlee Glass

Wexford Viking Glass has ordered a full line with hydraulic tilt table. This will be installed mid to late August 2019

Wexford Viking Glass

SafeGuard ordered a small two part gun, and are looking to purchasing a full Arrising line.



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20 Springbank Road, Gildersome, Leeds LS27 7DJ